STARTECH "1,8m 3-in-1 PS/2 KVM Cable "

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STARTECH "1,8m 3-in-1 PS/2 KVM Cable "	 (SVPS23N1_6)
STARTECH "1,8m 3-in-1 PS/2 KVM Cable "	 (SVPS23N1_6)
STARTECH "1,8m 3-in-1 PS/2 KVM Cable "	 (SVPS23N1_6)
STARTECH "1,8m 3-in-1 PS/2 KVM Cable "	 (SVPS23N1_6)
STARTECH "1,8m 3-in-1 PS/2 KVM Cable "	 (SVPS23N1_6)
STARTECH "1,8m 3-in-1 PS/2 KVM Cable "	 (SVPS23N1_6)

STARTECH "1,8m 3-in-1 PS/2 KVM Cable "

/ Varenr.:
  • Type Kabel
  • Verter 0

6 ft. PS/2-Style 3-in-1 KVM Switch Cable

The Universal 3-in-1 KVM Switch Cables are designed to be the highest quality tangle-free KVM switch cables available. These cables combine separate keyboard, monitor, and mouse in to one cable split apart at each end. This design makes them inherently tangle-free and easier to manage since the total cable count is reduced to 1/3. They are compatible with any KVM switch capable of using standard console connections like the StarView, OmniView, SwitchView, Apex, Compaq, IBM, or the MasterView. The VGA Video section of the cable is coaxial eliminating picture "ghosting" and fuzzy images, and using ferrite cores near the connector ends provides superior EMI interference protection. The Universal KVM cables are available in a wide range of lengths from 6 to 50 feet and offering PS/2 or AT style connections.

Applications and Solutions

  • KVM switch cable to be used with OmniView, StarView, SwitchView and Apex KVM switches. (Note: Some non-StarView models may require gender changing cable adapters.)

  • Available in AT- and PS/2-styles in various cable lengths
  • Ferrite core on video cable minimizes electromagnetic interference and provides crystal clear video
  • High quality video cable uses coaxial and twisted pair wiring to maintain optimal video signals
  • KVM (Keyboard-Video-Mouse) switch cables allows you to connect your computers to a KVM switch
Shipping (Package) Weight 0.93 lb [0.42 kg]
Length 6 ft., 1.8m
Connectors PS/2 Style
Keyboard Connectors 6 DIN Male (both ends)
Mouse Connectors 6 DIN Male (both ends)
Video Connectors High Density DB15 Male to PCs, High Density DB15 Female to KVM Switch

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